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Celestial Dawn

My hands break from pounding the wall I collapse as the floor shatters and I fall Falling and falling, I cry out in agony Soon to become one more in the myriad of dead men

The battlefield that surrounds me, engulfs us all in flames I cling tightly onto my last shred of hope But it is snatched from me by enemies, the creatures in the dark I hear them mocking me; invading my thoughts as they convince me

To lay down arms, surrender, and accept my fate; they laugh

I cry out in anguish as I bleed out, my heart cut in half She appears before me, with a seraphic smile She takes me in her arms, tends to my wounds with a gentle touch

Captivated by her ethereal beauty, the battlefield dissolves and

The world goes quiet; it is just the two of us

The blissful caress of her hands removes all my worries

Awestruck by her divine face, I beg her to stay My heart ablaze with longing for her heart, her love I hear her awesome voice, she tells me of her homeland

Far away, it shines a beacon of hope for all men She tells me of its vast fields where one can run for all eternity Of its wildlife, ever so fair and angelic, She tells me of an eternal banquet, celebrated for the king and queen

Where travelers gather after their long journeys And embracing one another, they feast and laugh for never-ending days

Softly, with gentleness of a breeze, she says, “Come” And I follow her, as she takes me to that great city The Celestial Dawn.

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