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Natural Beauty

O Canada, how beautiful is your land, from the forests of Newfoundland to the mountains of British Columbia, all one nation under God. How great is the love of God that it manifests itself into such pleasantries for us humans, that we can see God in the most beautiful, vast, and ever-changing landscapes of Canada. This nation was given as a gift from the Creator. It was given beauty: not man-made beauty, but divine beauty. In the book of Genesis when God looked at his creation and said that it was good, I bet he looked at Canada before he made that conclusion.

A photo of Lake Louise Myles took during his family trip

No matter where you look in Canada you see beauty in its landscapes, its skies, and in its waters. This country is one of the most beautiful, and partly because of this beauty we are so admired the world over. So many countries give respect to Canada for its great natural wonders, and abundance in natural resources. It is our job as Catholics to stand for the protection of what is right, and as Catholics we must be aware of our country’s beauty. The Holy Father says that we should be aware of Climate Change, and other things that can harm our Earth, and do our best to stop these things that harm our planet. As the future of the Church we must be aware of the beauty of our country, and what we should do to keep that beauty.

In my recent trip to Alberta, I visited Banff, and looking at the mountains I was in awe of its wonder and majesty. The rivers were clear as glass, and you could smell the pine trees every morning. You could see blue lakes which matched the beauty of the sky. But the real breathtaking moment was when I saw Lake Louise. It stood before three holy mountains, and its waters were as blue as if they were never touched in history. When you stand before the lake itself you do not hear any people next to you, for when you look at the lake you see the beauty of God’s creation, and that of the Creator himself. All the sights I saw were beautiful, and jaw dropping. Even here in Manitoba when you leave the city, and see the farms, just shining with yellow, you begin to wonder how vast God’s imagination must be when it comes to creating such beauty.

The great beauty of nature is a gift of God, and as children of our God we must do our part and defend the nature of our country. This country, so vast in its splendor and resources, we cannot help but wonder, “what can I do to ensure that Canada’s beauty never dies?” To answer that question is very simple: we must do the little things, like recycle, and all those other simple things we learned in grade school. For when we do these things together, we can lead to a greater impact in keeping our beautiful country just as beautiful for generations to come.

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