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Sainthood and Songs

If I named the store Walmart, what first comes to mind? For some, it’s the sweet deals all-year round (go George!), for others it’s the enchanting smell of McDonald’s fries. I’m certain that for some, including myself, thinking of Walmart reminds us of a certain yodelling young man that has ignited the whole internet world in excitement. The viral sensation, Mason Ramsey was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and even performed at Coachella, a global music festival. Now, why am I talking about this charming, talented, honestly relevant-but-not-really, child? Because his first single, “Famous” reminds me of our calling to sainthood. Simply put, the saints are people who devoted their lives to God and the people around them, lived in holiness, and lived in love. Saint Paul, St. Augustine, St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Maximillian Kolbe, St. Gianna Beretta Molla - all saints, among many, who are known through space and time for their love of God and neighbour. Like the Saints, we’re all called to the vocation (or calling) of holiness. Let’s break down some of the lyrics of “Famous”, Mason Ramsey’s new single that reminds me of our calling to sainthood. “And that I’m livin’ it out, all the things I used to dream about” In the first verse, Ramsey recalls his moments of fame. Like Ramsey, we are called to dream. The Lord desires goodness for us! By trusting in him, our ambitions and dreams are met with unending ending mercy. Let us dream God’s dream for us.

“Ever since I met you, I got a whole new perspective” Ultimately, his love for a girl and his family resounds. In this line, I recall the transformation of lives in Jesus and conversion of hearts. Everything changes - what you see, hear, how you act, feel. In Jesus, we have new life. This is the witness of many of saints throughout the centuries, and we are called to do experience the same! “If I’m gonna be famous for something I wanna famous for lovin’ you” Contrary to Ramsey, the Saints varied in posture. Some desired for the world to know their love for God, and others were concerned with their interior life with God. However, by God’s grace many of the Saints did become “famous,” by showing us what it means to be in relationship with God. Essentially, they are all known for loving You. The You we are all designed to love. While Ramsey enjoys his moments of fame, we also feel his longing for home, when he says, “Yeah, I hope the first question people ask me Is ‘How's your girl and how's your family?’ He wants to be known for carrying this piece of home. For us Catholics, we know our home is Heaven. The Saints endured all, with a great longing for eternal joy experienced in Heaven. What’s even greater is that we don’t have to experience that longing alone! We have the Communion of Saints helping us until we come Home to our Father through Jesus Christ. Let us also carry a piece of Home and share it with everyone we encounter! Let us be excited for the Home that Christ is preparing for us! Ramsey is undeniably talented. He was able to use these talents to share his love for individuals and his family. So next time you go to Walmart, I challenge you to think about your talents and how you can share them to show your love for our God. Remember that you, too, are called to be a Saint!

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