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Every Reason

As I write, I am sitting in a lovely parlor, in a family home, in a quaint town in Ireland. This trip was somewhat unexpected but absolutely needed. I did not anticipate to be travelling anywhere this year; I have not really gone anywhere since the beginning of this pandemic. However, one thing led to another and things fell into place for me to book a visit overseas to enjoy some long-overdue sister and auntie time.

As I got closer to my trip, frightening possibilities seemed to present themselves in my head, which has been a common theme lately. With all the upheaval and uncertainty of this pandemic, I have found myself quite jumping to anxious conclusions more than I normally would. Would I be able to go through with the trip after all? What if I get sick right when I’m supposed to leave? What if everything works out, except that I die in a plane crash?

I know that Jesus does not want me to live this way.

The day that I left on my trip, a simple phrase arose in my heart:

You have every reason to trust Me.

Immediate peace fell over my being when I contemplated the meaning of these words. We have every single reason to trust Him. There is nothing that can separate us from the perfection of His love. Our life is always in God’s hands, whether we feel it or not. This doesn’t mean that bad things necessarily won’t happen to us, because our world is broken. But His hands are the safest place we can be because He is good.

As I navigated the busy airports to find my gate, I prayed: I have every reason to trust you.

When there was unnerving turbulence on my flight: I have every reason to trust you.

When I had only slept 1 hour in the past 30 hours on my arrival day: I have every reason to trust you.

When my flight was delayed: I have every reason to trust you.

This is where our peace is, friends.

Will you join me in pursuing radical trust in our savior? We have every reason to trust Him.


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